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Medium Sized 18" House Style Parakeet Wire Bird Cage For Finches Canaries Hanging Bird House
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Medium Sized 18 " House Style Parakeet Wire Bird Cage For Finches Canaries Hanging Bird House

This is a white colored 18 inches medium sized parakeet house style bird cage. This bird cage is good for budgies, parakeets, finches, canaries, lovebirds, small quaker parrots, cockatiels and green cheek conures. This bird cage is great for a bird travel cage or a bird cage to take your bird to the vet when your bird needs a checkup. This is also a very pretty hanging bird house.

This house style bird cage comes with two plastic cups, two plastic perches and one swing for your bird to play on. It has a pull-out debris tray included. The bird house measures 8.25" long, 11.25" wide and 18" high. It comes  with .4" wire spacing. The carrying handle makes this bird cage ideal for a hanging bird house or used as a travel bird cage.

Product Details: 

Size: H 18" x W 11.25" x L 8.25" small parakeet bird cage features with 0.4?? bar spacing to keep your birds safe

Small parrot bird cage: is suitable for both home and outdoor use. You can use it as a travel cage. Also useful in pet stores and pet hospitals, and for decoration in restaurants and flower shops

Dishes: 2 plastic cups, 2 independent side doors to facilitate food and water delivery to the feeding cups 

Play Area: 1 swing and 2 plastic perches are included.

Easy Cleaning: There is a slide-out tray and detachable mesh panel which can be removed for easy cleaning; there is a handle on the top for convenient carrying

Cockatiel bird cage: has 1 front opening composite door 3.5" W x 4.25" H. Fully painted cage, durable plastic perches and eco-friendly feeders offers your birds a safe and healthy environment.

Conure bird cage: is constructed of premium metal wire and built in features, fine workmanship; securely fastened bottom tray to the pet house


2 x Feeding Cups

1 x Swinging Perch

2 x Resting Perches

1 x Pull out tray for easy cleaning

1 x Plastic Base

1 x Carry Handle


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