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Aquarium Fish Tank Ornament Plastic Plants 20 Pack Color Realistic Decorative
$ 23.00

Aquarium Fish Tank Plant Ornament Plastic 20 Pack Realistic Plants

These very colorful fish tank plants look real and beautiful in your fish tank. They are safely made from BPA free plastic to ensure quality and safety for your fish. They look very bright and colorful in your fish tank. The plants range in size from small, medium and tall. There is a range of bright colors from pinks to organges and greens. There is even a decorative rock piece to add to your fish bowl. These BPA free plastic plants are much easier to keep in your fish tank than live plants. They are easy to clean by just taking them out of the tank and washing them off and then air drying them. After they are washed, you can place them back into your tank time and time again. 

Top Quality Acqua Plants: Made from BPA FREE plastic to ensure quality and safety, at the same time beautifying your tank.

Value Pack: The plant set includes all sizes ranging from small to tall, in all colors from green grass to purple plants. As well as a cool decorative rock adding beauty to your fish bowl.

Easy Maintenance: The BPA free plastic fish plants are a lot easier to maintain than real fish plants. Simply wash with warm water and dry before placing in the tank.

20 Plants Plus 1 Rock: There are enough weighted plants in one set to truly enhance your 5 to 10 Gallon fish tank.

Good For All Types Of Fish: Perfect and safe for beta to goldfish and anything in between.

Fish Tank Size: Perfect for 5 to 10 Gallon Tanks.

Item specifics:

Type: Ornament

Brand: AroPaw

Custom Bundle: Yes

Material: BPA Free Plastic

Package Includes:

Pack of 20 bright colorful plastic plants plus one rock with 3 plants in it. Made from BPA free plastic materials. A few different height options are included.





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