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Air Purifier H13 HEPA Filter Air Cleaner To Purify Home Allergie, Dust, Mold or Smoke. Uses Double Medical Grade Filter
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Cleans Upto 300 Square Feet 5 Times Per Hour

This air purifier works 5x?s better than most purifiers. It has a true grade Hepa filter to capture allergens, pet dander, smoke, mold sports, odors and dust particles. You will have less allergens floating around in the air, which is better for your overall health. It is whisper silent so you can use it in the baby?s room or where you sleep. It is even good for light sleepers. This air purifier is good for bedrooms, small offices or near your desk. Some even use it in their classrooms and say it helps tremendously. RedyPure air purifiers are 100% Ozone free, which is much better for your health. Each purifier is made for approximately a 300 square feet room. It refreshes your air 5 times in one hour.  It also has a filter replacement indicator on the air purifier which makes it very convenient to know when to replace the filter. Each filter lasts usually from 6 to 8 months and the filters are easily replaceable. 


Over-Engineered Filtration System: Our 3-Stage Filtration System uses the powerful H13 Double Medical Grade True HEPA Filter to capture allergens, pet hair, dander, smoke, mold, odor and large dust particles, in addition to removing 99.99% of airborne contaminants as small as 0.3 microns. Breath easy knowing the air in your home is cleaner and fresher with fewer allergens.

Whisper Silent: Our advanced blade technology purifies the air with a noise level as quiet as 24db - the dB level of rustling leaves. This is quite possibly the quietest air purifier in the market. It is perfect for light sleepers!

Small but Mighty: Don't be fooled by its compact size. Simpure AP3J9 is perfect for bedrooms, small offices, or even on your desk as your personal air purifier.

Built-in Intelligence: A little convenience goes a long way. Redypure has an automatic light-off function in its sleep mode for an ideal sleep environment. You also won?t have to go through the trouble of remembering when to replace your filters. Its intelligent filter life reminder function notifies you when it is time for a fresh filter, ensuring the purifier maintains peak performance at all times.

100% Ozone Free:  RedyPure air purifiers are designed with our customers? health and the environment in mind. The UV/Ion light that other brands use in their system has been found to produce ozone, which is especially harmful to children and Asthma sufferers. Breath easy knowing that Redypure is 100% ozone free, while still powerful enough to remove 99.99% of all airborne pollutants.


Cleans Upto 300 Square Feet With a Double Medical Grade Filter

This filter works great. It can refresh your air five times, in one hour, in one room. 

This filter gets rid of pollen, dust mites, pet dander, dust, mold and smoke. It gets rid of anything that is flying around in the air, specifically anything that you do not want to breathe. 

This air purifier works 5x's better than most. It has two air filters that get rid of all pollen, dust, bacteria, or even viruses floating around in the air.

This air purifier will allow you to breathe easily and have clean air. It even works great if there are fires around the area and the smoke is getting into your house. This air purifier helps get rid of smoke in your house.

Dimmable control lights, 3 fan speeds and a sleeping mode. 

Gets rid of dust mites.

Air purifier has a 3 year Manufacturer's Warranty. 

Primary Filter Life is 6 months. (comes with 2 filters)

Package Includes:

1 x ReadyPure JR6 Air Purifier

2 x Composite Filters

1 x US Adaptor

1 x User Manual


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